• iDiscuss365 is an Addiction & Mental Health discussion App and Platform where anyone can ask questions, answer questions, acquire knowledge, give opinions and share stories. iDiscuss365 welcomes anyone interested in making a difference in someone‚Äôs life and impact in a positive manner the people affected directly or indirectly by Addiction & Mental Health issues.

    Our Mission is to educate, help and comfort people suffering from the diseases of Addiction & Mental Health as well as trying to reduce the Stigma associated with it.

    The App and Platform are free and people interact in total confidentiality.

    To Post a Question or Story

    To ask a question or post your story or experience alike, follow the following steps:

    • Log on to: https://idiscuss365.com
    • Click the Login Button to login with your Username and Password. If you don’t have an account already, in the login modal, click sign up link, and enter your personal details.
    • Navigate to your email inbox and validate your account. You won’t be allowed to post anything until you validate your account so during sign-up, ensure that you enter an accurate email address and that you have access to its inbox.
      Note: If the message takes more than 10 seconds to arrive, check your spam folder, or updates folder. If the message does not exist, navigate back to the website, login with your credentials, under your User Profile Image, click Settings, and Resend a Validation Link.
    • Navigate back to the website and click login button to login with your credentials
    • Click the Blue Button on the extreme left to Add a Question or Story. You may as well use the Red button in the main menu to achieve the same
    • Ask a question by entering its title (Should be descriptive enough), and the body content.
      NOTE: When asking a question, add as much relevant content as possible to make sure that the person who answers it understands it well enough. Add Tags to allow quick indexing and referencing of your question, choose the right category, and Click submit to post your Question.
    • Your Question or story is now public!
      NOTE: Your Questions or Stories may be edited a bit by the moderator to clarify or ensure it meets the platform standards. once you start to receive answers, consider choosing the best answer by clicking the check icon that shows under “Vote-down” Icon, thereby marking your question as answered and allowing other users to easily find questions with best answers.

    To post an Answer

    • Once you’ve logged into https://idiscuss365.com, choose a question to respond to on the home page, by scrolling through the available questions. Click the question title to open and preview the full question.
    • You may reply by adding a full answer in the answer text box, or by adding a simple comment through the Comments link under the question body.
    • You may vote-up a question is its useful, or vote it down if you have sufficient points privilege.
      Note: If your answer is voted as the best by the question author, you receive 10 points, which raises your credibility and privilege on this platform allowing your posts to appear more times to the public than before.

    To upload your user photo

    • Once you’ve logged into https://idiscuss365.com, click your name at the top right corner to display a drop-down menu.
    • Click “User settings” in the menu links.
    • Click “Upload New Avatar” in the modal window that shows up and select a photo of your choice from your computer. Use a passport like photo, with your face on it.
      Note: It is illegal to use another person’s photo. Impersonation is not tolerated on this platform.
    • Ensure to click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the modal window after the photo upload is complete.

    Points System

    We use the points grading system to measure the activity of each member on this platform. The number of points (obtained without spam or irrelevant posting) determines:

    • The quality of experience a User has on this platform
    • The Title or Badge for a User
    • Privileges such as voting down, choosing best answer on other authors questions, etc.
    • Credibility and knowledge based on how many Best Answers given
    • Level of activity based on how many questions asked, or answers given by the user in question.
      Our points awarding system is built into this platform to ensure a more interactive and well controlled sharing environment. Keep sharing, and answering questions and soon the system will rank you as a super User with several other privileges.

    Point Awarding

    Our Points Awarding follows these trends:

    BADGES: Regular User (new user), Super User (200 Points), Moderator of Your Group (1000 Points).

    You will obtain the following points when you:

    • create a question: 2 Points
    • answer a question: 2 Points
    • question is voted up: 5 Points
    • answer is voted up: 10 Points
    • answer is marked ‘accepted’: 15 Points

    Negative Points
    The following points will be removed by the system based on user interaction as follows.
    You will lose the following points when:

    • your question is voted down: -2 Points
    • your answer is voted down: -2 Points
    • you vote down an answer or question: -2 Points
      Too much accumulation of negative points will attract moderator attention to review a user’s account and all time activity. These will be cross-checked thoroughly in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, together with our code of conduct and may result in disciplinary action as shall be determined by the Treatment Hub 365 Platform support Team.