Child Abuse due to the state-wide increased drug abuse cases is on the rise. How can we help turn the situation around for the sake of the Innocent?

An individual who has turned to drug use has done so because they have encountered something in their life that they feel either unable or unwilling to address and resolve. Drugs provide them with a way to escape their life, temporarily, so that they can experience some sort of relief. An individual may choose to use drugs once a week or once every few weeks—just when things are “getting hard.” However, as time moves on they may discover they are coming up with more and more reasons to use drugs more frequently.

Eventually, the individual grows to tolerate drug substances, and no longer experiences the same escape from life they once did. Additionally, drug use often creates even more problems that the individual can’t address and resolve, which drives them to desire the “relieving” effects of these substances even more. This may cause them to take even larger quantities of drug substances, or even switch to more potent drug substances, in order to stimulate the effects they desire.

There comes a point where the individual’s body will actually alter its normal patterns of functioning in order to accommodate the constant interruptions caused by drug use. This is called drug dependence and is the point at which the individual no longer has any control over their drug use. They will actually wake in the morning and feel that drugs are necessary in order for them to make it through the day. They may recognize that drugs are controlling their entire life, but they cannot abstain from their use without feeling weak, sick and tired. This is actually the sensation of poor physical health—caused by their continued drug use – but the individual cannot face it or overcome it, and they simply turn back to drugs.

In the long run, it becomes harder and harder and eventually impossible to keep a job, relate to others normally, and provide for one’s family. It gets worse when the vulnerable children get caught in the middle, and in most cases, the sick person does everything in their power to ensure the state Child Support services do not intervene. Such families are quite many and the innocent children have gotten caught in the middle of every consequences that come with family neglect due to alcoholism or extreme cases of substance abuse. This is one situation I believe that requires communal support. How can we as family friends, community citizens, and the nation at large impact a change in such families and most importantly to the vulnerable groups like the children? Thank you.


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This is a fact in almost every state. The rise in Child Abuse die to cases of addiction and increased use of substances is alarming. Just to add on your point, Gerald:

Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court Loretta Rush addressed the increase in this year’s State of the Judiciary. She says the opioid epidemic is a contributing factor and is affecting people in all parts of the state.

“I have had friends, professional and personal, who have lost their child to heroin or cocaine or methamphetamine,” Rush says. “I think it’s an insidious drug. It starts off, quite often, with prescription pills, and then it just escalates.”

That’s what happened to Paula Meisberger’s youngest daughter, Brooke. She became addicted to opiates after a doctor prescribed pain medicine post-pregnancy.  She says resources, prevention, intervention and treatment all have to be part of the solution.

The Supreme Court’s annual report finds termination of parental rights has also increased by 18 percent.

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