Don’t Judge: Addiction can happen to any one, and most people never get into it Willingly!

Television and films over the years have depicted people with addictions in a negative way. But the truth is that anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol regardless of their background, age or financial status.

Research has shown a number of contributing factors that make some people more likely to become addicted. For example, if they started using drugs or consuming alcohol at a young age, they’re more susceptible to developing an addiction later in life. Having a family member with a drug or alcohol abuse problem also increases the likelihood of addiction. Hereditary factors also play a major role in pushing someone towards addiction.

Addiction is never a person’s choice. Plenty of people develop an addiction by taking drugs prescribed by a doctor to treat a medical condition. Over time, prescription drugs change the way a person’s brain functions. They might continue taking the pills to feel “normal” and be able to get through the day. Before they know it, an addiction has formed and the person may begin craving higher dosages of the prescribed substance.

But an addiction doesn’t always build up over time. Many addictions are ignited by experimenting with a substance just once.

Methamphetamine and hallucinogenic drugs like ecstasy are just a few of the most common examples that can cause an instant addiction. Just one dose of these drugs can kickstart a destructive pattern of abuse.

So don’t simply judge anyone you come across because they are addicted. What they are suffering from is like any other diseases, fever or a cold that anyone can have –  not by choice. Can we be more accommodating more than we look down on sick people? Addiction is a disease that requires collective support, especially for the community and the treatment staff, its hard to get over especially if combined with stigma and constant condescending. This is a fact, be there for people with addict problems, and support them through recovery.

Regular User Asked on December 19, 2018 in Addiction case.
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Thank you fred for this summary. It is something that everyone possibly understands but may not be able to practice. Stigma in addiction issues is something that most people have grown up practicing, and for some, it gives them a sense of self-righteousness, while others believe that it is a way of discouraging the habit. Little do we know that a huge percentage of the so-called addicts never get their by choice (although a small number surely gets there by choice). The best way to help is to accommodate and encourage treatment. I hope this helps someone 🙂

Moderator Answered on December 26, 2018.
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Thanks for this Fred, truly appreciate the sentiment. thanks.

Regular User Answered on December 20, 2018.
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