Drug abuse is so bad, but so many and many youths are pouring into it every day. How can this be avoided, especially for children growing up?

Hi everyone! my name is Akrahm from India. I have been on this website for days, and I just want to thank you for the great work you do to help people about addiction issues in the world.

Most of the people here talk about drug abuse in USA, but the cases are worse elsewhere. For example in my country, india, it is very very worse. Look at our statistics at https://deaddictioncentres.in/news/indias-youth-drugs/ and other places, 75% of youths use drugs! And in every house, there’s a drug user (on average). It’s bad.

I used to think that when I grow up, I will leave the country to a better place to raise my family so they turnout drug free, but whenever I do research, this problem is everywhere! but the rates in my home country are so worse than most countries I have seen. I am writing here for two reasons, to let you know that the drug abuse issues are very serious and very common everywhere and they are growing in numbers beginning in youths and then upwards. Secondly, can you share some opinions on how someone can stay drug free in such a country and with such daily pressure that leads many to using drugs? Thank you iDiscuss365.


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Hi Akrahm,

First of all, welcome to iDiscuss365. This is a global platform where everyone is welcome to share their challenges, experiences, successes, questions and answers on mental health issues and addiction in drugs, alcohol, and other forms of addiction. Although the platform is head quartered in the US, it serves all parts of the world, so feel free to air your opinions and you’ll always receive help from professional and experienced platform members. Welcome!

The drug abuse scourge is everywhere, and as you’ve noted yourself, the consequences due to usage are so severe and deadly. Like any other preventable disease, the solution lies in a high degree of discipline and living by principle in all situations to avoid falling victim of the case. You need to train-up your children in a manner that they will be disciplined to themselves, regulations around them, and in a manner that will reinforce resilience against peer pressure, low self esteem, and insecurity.  Walk with them all the way through the puberty stages until they are ready to be independent. It may not yield much result to simply change a physical location, without actually changing the attitude and thinking of your children on how to approach challenges in life. You will have to not assume that they know what to do, so that you can guide them and be a good example to them, provide for them and show them the right way to a point when its obvious for live.

The reasons that have led many youths and children to start using drugs are very vast and they have much to do with the families they were brought up in. They have direct root causes from the personality of their parents and the chemistry of their families in general.

So, Overall, be there for your family at all times and give them time. One of the hugest challenges faced in families is the absence of a father figure. A lot can go wrong when you are too busy or unavailable all together to offer security and confidence to your family every day. 68% of children are likely to start using drugs if they live in a fatherless home – https://thefatherlessgeneration.wordpress.com/statistics/ while 90% of most street children are also attributed to absence of a father figure in a home. You have a lot to play in protecting and ensuring a responsible tomorrow, starting with your family. Be there for them.

Your children will have to know that:

  1. The moment they taste, even for the smallest dose of heroin or any dangerous drugs, it will be game-over for them. There’s no turning back. The recovery process is of course very uncertain and bumpy but they do need to know that death is the most likely outcome.
  2. They can also lean on you in any and every challenges they face in life.
  3. They should expect things to go wrong, life to get tough and stress to be part of their day to day life. Prepare them for the real world, and they’ll not be shocked when things become foggy.
  4. Love their mother and respect her, in their presence and absence. All this is to build their love and confidence in their parents and the right attitude to also have a stable family in the future.
  5. There are no safe shortcuts in life. They have to work hard to earn a better living.

These five lessons take time and practice on your end before you can impart them in your children too. But the battle starts with you. You need to show them rather than telling them. I can assure you, you’ll have a real chance of bringing up a kind of children who’ll not only be responsible in the society but will help many others affected by drug problems.

Once again, thank you for sharing your situation with iDiscuss365, keep checking this question for more answers from other members, and always feel free to keep sharing more questions or stories through this platform.

Best regards,


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Thank you Moderator for such a good and complete answer. I agree 100% with what you said.

Super User Answered on December 16, 2018.
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Yeah, this makes much sense, will take it under much consideration. thank you moderator.

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Happy to help 🙂 Please feel free to share your views Akrahm, we are here for you. (Thanks Olivier).

Moderator Answered on December 19, 2018.
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