How I trick myself to put off drinking too much.

Every time I made an active attempt to drink less, I would just encounter some kind of media that would just trigger and reinforce how alcohol equated to a good time for me.

Outdoors on a summer night with a table of street food, all my buddies, each with a cold pitcher of beer in hand.

Sitting somewhere in classy looking clothes trying to impress women while sipping on a glass of scotch.

Its like none of these things could be enjoyed or done without a drink in hand to give me liquid joy or courage, and denying myself of it only makes me miss it more.

It wasn’t until I found a new passion of exercise/diet and really got into it that I was finally able to take my mind off it. Finding other things to do in life, and realizing that alcohol would compromise the results and experience with this new passion/hobby is what got me to finally break the habit. I still enjoy drinking, I just find myself in less scenarios to do so abuse it.

Regular User Asked on August 21, 2018 in Alcohol.
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Thank you so much for the sharing. I guess everyone has a practiced way of doing it. To some of us, commitment to religious and family duties and guidelines has made it not only possible but necessary to stay sobber, full time. But I can agree, it’s a work in progress. Thanks again for the share, picked something!

Regular User Answered on August 23, 2018.
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