How much does a 30 day in-patient drug rehab typically cost?

How much on average does it cost for someone to be rehabilitated in a 30 day in-patient drug rehab program? A number of patients want to know this, and if or whether there are cheaper means, what the difference is, and what to expect by the end of the rehabilitation process. Any help is appreciated!

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30-day, 60-day and 90-day in-patient drug rehab programs can be extremely expensive. The price can vary widely according to the level of care administered by the clinic and the reputation of the clinic. Everyday, we hear of sports stars and movie stars entering In-patient Treatment. In-patient treatment is for 30 days minimum and up to 90 days. The big problem is the price of treatment. Monthly prices vary between $15,000 per month minimum to $100,000 per month. Of course, success is never guaranteed. I am sure that In-patient treatment works with some patients, but for the majority of them, a 30-day program is too short. Even 60-day and 90-day Programs are too short. Most of the patient need long-term treatment because the disease is always present (most patients need treatment for life). When patients are walking out of treatment after 30 days or 90 days, nothing changed and nothing is solved. It is the reason why in most cases, In-patient clinics will send their patients to outpatients clinics to continue treatment.

The better option (I think) is Outpatient Drug Rehabs. The other name is “Methadone clinics” where Methadone, Buprenorphine/Suboxone and Counseling are dispensed. Treatment is daily, outpatient, very long-term (sometimes for life) and less invasive than In-patient treatment. After a few months of “clean” drug screens, you are eligible for what is called “take-home” medicine where you don’t have to go to the clinic for treatment everyday. You can administer the medicine yourself from the comfort of your home and you can go to work on time if you have a job. The cost is usually between $360 and $450 per month maximum. There are 1,800 outpatient clinics of this kind  scattered all over the country.

Remember there is no cure to the disease. There is only treatment !

I hope it helps. Thank you.

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Thank you Olivier for this information. I guess the difference esp. In expenses between in patient and out patient or “Methadone Clinics” lies in the fact that inpatient treatment is suited to a more severely affected addict which calls for closer inspections and more advanced treatment procedures than outpatient approach. Or I’m I wrong? Can any addict (whether beginner or severe case) join an inpatient treatment facility? Does this mean that their recovery is more guaranteed and may happen sooner than for an outpatient facility approach? Or is it only a matter of preferences? I appreciate your time and guidance. Thank you!

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Thanks for the answers and the interaction! I think Olivier, quite nicely sums it all up. For those who can afford, but most importantly those who are serious about getting better, the rates are relatively fair given what they are to expect in the treatment and given what would happen to their health if they don’t. However,  I wanted to mention also – so we can be sure everyone is covered – in another post, Olivier mentions that:

  • “About the cost of treatment, usually when patients don’t have any money, the family and relatives get together and put the money for treatment. Also Medicaid provides addiction treatment 100% free of charge (if you qualify as very poor).”

So, there’s a solution for everyone, I however recommend that you work with your family and relatives to raise sufficient support for the treatment, life is more important!

Thank you!

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