Oh my God! Why are drugs so hard to quit???

I have a son who is now 23 years old. He was very humble, and very simple person as he grew up. Everyone just loved loved him for his humility, but little did I know he was battling low self-esteem. He is not so smart (academically) but he had great love for sports and did relatively well in soccer. When he got to high school, this is where things went wrong, I don’t know exactly what happened as I’ve heard a lot of different stories but he got into the habit of using pot. How is this even possible? I expected he’d just become smarter and better in school, never took time to actually find out what was going on in his life, but any way, I’ve had him into a number of therapies, groups sessions and treatments and its now 2 years but I can’t see him getting back to where he was, he still looks sick! And by the looks of it, it seems this will take forever. I just want my son back to school, and having a happy future life. I hope someone out there can offer me some quick treatment advise if possible, I’d so much appreciate it. Thank you,


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Indigo488, welcome to idiscuss 365, we understand what you are going through and hope things will get much better soon for your son. The road towards recovery is bumpy, as most articles on this site have over time pointed out. There’s no miracle cure for addiction, and depending on the level of addiction your son had reached, it will take time for him to stablize. By stablize, I mean be able to continue schooling, keep a job, and run day-to-day activities normally. Enroll your son into a long term treatment program, don’t be deceived by the quick-treatment schemes out there that may promise your heaven within one month, they’ll only take your money for no results. Above all, your son needs you to stand by him and be patient with him through this entire journey. Soon enough, he’ll be well. Don’t give up on him. Drug addiction is a very dangerous deadly disease, but if your son is still struggling through treatment and is still alive, then you have a win there, most people die so soon. We wish you all the best, and feel free to keep us updated on his situation, it may help others and as we move along, you’ll receive more advice and recommendations from idiscuss 365 community. Thank you!

Moderator Answered on December 19, 2018.
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People here will advise you, but first, you thank God your son is still alive. Some of my brothers died because of drugs. Its bad in India and I believe drug abuse is very deadly. I  am fearful of how my family will be in the future. But I pray everyday that God protects us from this habit.

Regular User Answered on December 13, 2018.
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