What about the other Addictions ?

It is so strange to me how the general population, government institutions, news outlets and others are almost solely focused on Drug addiction while other addictions get very little attention. What about alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, food, gambling, sex and others. These are addictions too and they can also be deadly. Please explain. Thank you.

Super User Asked on September 26, 2018 in Addiction case.
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This is a valid question. I think it is more about how our culture has been woven and also how much consequences are experienced in our society by which kind of addiction.

For example, its rare to find so many people being affected because one person has a problem with food, sex or gambling addictions. Its hard to quantify what’s enough as people differ in tastes and “luck”. Some people have grown rich through gambling, although in general “I think” gambling empoverishes a nation as it adds no value (products or services) to the nations economy. These however are a matter of opinions so the government and other bodies classify these as human right decisions. Do it at your own risk.

On the other hand, things like drugs and or excessive alcohol totally and more severally alter human brain function and stability which can affect the user to a level of taking their lives. It goes beyond the user to people around them and then to neighbours, such as several motor accidents are attributed to drunken drivers while other crimes like rape, defilement, family neglect have been attributed to drugs. Drugs can change someone’s reasoning capacity that they will want more and more even it may kill them. Such things that take people’s control out of their hands are a great concern to the government as it is responsible for both the user and the security of the people around the user.

Personally, I think this is why the government and other humanitarian bodies are more focused onto drugs and sometimes excessive alcohol consumption much more than the other addictions. I’d however love to read from the others!

@Pauline, @Gerald and Charles please share your thoughts. Thank you!!

Regular User Answered on September 28, 2018.
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To a greater extent, drug abuse is mostly seen as the most dangerous “Social Problem”.  It affects more than the individual; or addicted person and their family but it also affects communities on a national level. From risking other people’s lives and well being due to violence, crime, driving under the influence to other environmental factors such as housing, education and employment. The person usually suffers from mental and behavioral health issues and therefore those problems have a trickle down affect in all aspects of life.

Addiction or “substance abuse” is a disease and all diseases are a social problem to a degree but drug abuse, seems to be more dangerous than most. I believe this is why the government and other communities focus most upon this kind of addiction.

Regular User Answered on October 2, 2018.
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To supplement on Pauline’s Point about “Drug Abuse” receiving much attention because its more of a social problem: People die from the hopelessness of drug abuse and addiction. People overdose and sometimes “only” need emergency medical care and long-term hospitalization. People get into vehicle accidents because of drug abuse, often killing and maiming others. Parents and caretakers for children harm and neglect children every day as a direct result of drug abuse. People experience catastrophic health problems as a direct result of drug abuse.

Death and absence from work cause economic hardships in families, communities, towns, and major cities across entire countries, not just America. The social costs are just so high to be ignored by the government or other humanitarian bodies. Other addictions are also dangerous in their own way, but Drug Abuse takes the cake.

Regular User Answered on October 2, 2018.
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