What are the Major Sources of Anxiety and Depression among Youths and some adults in Today’s Generation?

Lately, I’ve been looking at statistics related to mental disorders, and the numbers only seem to be rising with time. There’s so much depression and anxiety, coupled with confusion and practical chaos among young people today, perhaps this is attributed to the rapid growth of the world and its related dynamics.

A medical author Roxanne Dryden-Edwards, MD  in his article Mental Illnesses in Children says that three main factors attribute to today’s ever increasing mental problems among young people, namely: Biological, Psychological and Environmental factors. We may not have much control over biological and Psychological factors but I believe we as parents, and people who have responsibility of younger people can do something about their mental wellbeing by creating a suitable environmental in which to nurture and bring them up.

I’d like to quote from Roxanne’s article regarding environmental factors that affect young people’s mental wellbeing:

  • “Childhood mental illness may be a reaction to environmental stresses, including trauma like being the victim of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse, the death of a loved one, school problems, or being the victim of bullying or peer pressure. Gay teens are at higher risk for developing mental disorders like depression, thought to be because of the bullying by peers and potential rejection by family members. Children in military families are at risk for experiencing depression as well.”

I keep wondering, how best can a guardian, adult, or parent shield his children or young people under their charge from the world’s maddening chaos, and help them grow-up with less anxiety?

– Pauline.

Regular User Asked on April 5, 2019 in Mental Health.
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Thanks for sharing Pauline, I agree with you, somehow, its not about what the child is genetically made-of that is the greatest problem but how the environment treats and nurtures the child with prior knowledge of their condition is what can actually give peace and develop a child better and less disturbed.

Regular User Answered on April 10, 2019.
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