What does it mean to be Sectioned in a treatment facility?

Was reading somewhere and a phrase ‘…got sectioned for his mental status’, and ever-since, I’ve been wondering what it actually means, to be sectioned in a hospital, clinic or treatment facility due to mental well being or mental disorder, something of this kind.

Kindly explain for enlightenment. Thank you!


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Being sectioned means that you are kept in hospital under the Mental Health Act. You can be sectioned if your own health or safety are at risk, or to protect other people. There are different types of sections, each with different rules to keep you in hospital. How long you have to stay in hospital depends under which section you are hospitalized. Before you can be lawfully sectioned, you will be assessed by a team of health professionals.

If you are sectioned, you can be kept in hospital, stopped from leaving the ward and given treatment for your mental health problems, possibly without your consent. You can lose certain rights, including the right to leave hospital freely. If you’re in this situation, it’s really important to know your rights under the Mental Health Act.

Moderator Answered on December 8, 2018.
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They lock you up in a cell like a prison, and you can’t leave until the doctor says you are fine. When its worse, you don’t even see your people. may be other countries its different but my uncle was sectioned for 3 years before we could see him again.

Regular User Answered on December 13, 2018.
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