What role (by facts), has the Public Administration, and the private sector together played to combat or “fire up” the ever increasing cases of addict

I have always wondered if the cycle of addiction will ever end in our country given the ever increasing numbers. The real challenge I’ve always witnessed as some one who works in the public sector, is that there are no sufficient restrictions towards controlling the production of addictive drugs and alcohol, supply, and advertisement. If there’s no restriction to who purchases drugs in a pharmacy or drastic clamp-down on unauthentic sellers of these drugs, then, perhaps it’s no wonder the rates at which addicts amass, keep rising.

The government offers Licences to Liquor production, and grants permission to its advertisement in media and every avenue there is. Which keeps triggering interest and thus sparks passion from the teens, school goers, and other classes of people who are not ready to make responsible judgement on what, when and how much to consume.

Would I be right to say that somehow somewhere the public administration, hand in hand with the private sector have done little to guide the young ones into substance consumption, and control their misuse among the adults too? With these ever increasing numbers of addicts, what do you think the government plus the community can do conjointly to  drastically reduce or ultimately break this cycle of addiction in our nation?

Thank you for your insights in advance. (I am new here, seems to be a new forum, but promising too), I appreciate your input. Thank you!

Regular User Asked on September 5, 2018 in Substance Abuse.
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Hello Pauline and welcome to this Forum. You are asking a very interesting and complex question with vast ramification in multiple directions. I think it is Society as a whole who is responsible for the huge spat in addiction cases. By Society, I mean the American Way of Life is responsible for the disease. The Public and Private sectors are just triggers to push hundred of millions of people to consume massive amount of goods, including addictive goods like drugs and alcohol in the name of financial gain. It is a chain reaction coming from the top ( Government and Lawmakers) to the end of the chain (general population), and in between you have the private sector with Big Pharma, Drug companies, Alcohol & Spirits companies, Tobacco companies, Food companies, Casinos, Video Game companies, etc.

As a Society, we are pushed and pressured to consume any goods – including drugs and alcohol – at every corner of our lives just to be “cool” (Politicians, actors, singers, etc are publicly proud to consume drugs and Alcohol)  and for financial gains. Only in America we have 24/7 food available, pharmacies, doctors, etc.  America is the biggest producing and consuming civilization in the world by far with easy access to everything we desire instantly. Nowhere else in the world there is that strong propensity to consume everything and anything at such a high level.

So America being such a big Consumer Society with goods readily available in massive quantities, huge amounts of drugs and alcohol are also consumed. Also, having Doctors at every street corners, under pressure from Big Pharma to prescribe as many drugs as possible doesn’t help the situation.

In resume, I think both Public and Private sectors are responsible for the increase in addiction cases in the name of financial gains.

I hope it helps. Cheers.

Super User Answered on September 5, 2018.
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Hello @Olivier, thank you for your comment and time!

It clears up a number of issues regarding our responsibility as citizens. As much as it is true that “the American Way of Life is responsible for the disease”, and the government plus the private sector is all for financial gain at the cost of healthy living; (because substance abuse does not only affect those using it, but for each ‘one’ person abusing drugs or drinking irresponsibly, lives of hundreds more are in jeopardy because of it. Talk about relatives, loved ones, those knocked down by unstable and drunk drivers, rapists who result from irresponsible unstable users, and so on and so forth). It keeps me wondering, how do other countries like Turkey despite the universal need for gain manage to control the misuse of drugs and alcohol?

Take an example of the Top 130 countries in which there’s highest prevalence of opiates use, America takes the third place! Do you think there’s a way our government can enforce the issue, to exponentially cut down the supply and usage of such substances?  Any realistic ideas we as a people too can get involved in? Thank you all for your comments.


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Hello @Pauline, welcome to this forum!

As summarized by @Oliver, the first and hugest challenge we face today lies among the Society itself. Substance abuse especially, drugs and alcohol have grown to become a culture, in which no one get’s involved by coercion, and sometimes persuasion is not involved. People do this by their own free will, because it is “an answer” as they may think to most of their ailing challenges say, things like:

  • Relationship break-ups
  • Extreme poverty
  • Low self Esteem
  • Immaturity (teens who are pressured by peers)
  • Cultural dogma (youths are brought up to believe that smoking is a sign that one has become a man, or using a certain drug is an indication that someone has a life, so it looks normal).
  • Rejection
  • Job loss  or failure to find one
  • Family neglect and domestic abuse especially sexual abuse (rape and defilement).

And so on. These are some of the things that drive people to find alternative solutions that will mask their psychological, financial and social hiccups. Yes, the government hasn’t played its role hard enough to control the supply of these substances and perhaps not dealt with users aggressively enough but let’s face it, a commodity is only as much supplied as it is demanded.  If the society found working means by which they wold combat the use of drugs or discourage those who use them, starting with an aggressive management of children from the youngest age until they are mature and independent, and also look out for those isolated individuals and support them in a loving manner, then the demand for drugs and alcohol will drop, and no one will look so much into it for financial gain!

Governments like Saudi Arabia have by law prohibited alcohol drinking, and manufacture, supply or use of certain toxic substances as they term it, but let’s face it, this encroaches on several human liberties as these substances are not only utilized for human consumption, and for as long as people’s mindsets and appetites have not been checked, this would not do as much good. Even in countries where the government has gone as far as making drinking illegal on all fronts, several people still drink and use drugs in hiding.

In summary therefore, I recommend:

  1. Teach the people: Let the churches, mosques, talk shows, media, the government and  all social workers focus on teaching people that everyone faces heart breaks, and that using mental disorienting substances causes more harm than good.
  2. Inspire and grow the culture: Let the parents take on the mantle of recognizing that children will face pressures in schools to use a number of substances, and instead of shying away on these matters, they need to be confronted head-on early enough in life.
  3. Inspire social responsibility: Cultivating the brotherhood spirit among societies, and breaking down stigma and racism will also go along way to bridge gaps between people and ensure to not leave any one isolated.
  4. Condemn effects of substance misuse.

I hope this can be a good starting point for our nation. Thank you!

Moderator Answered on September 5, 2018.
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Thank you everyone! And @Moderator, I am honored to be here 🙂 . I will keep going through these, and hopefully policy makers, and the general community can re-align their mindset to making our nation indeed great again. Thanks again for your contributions.

Best regards,

Regular User Answered on September 5, 2018.
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Thank you Pauline. I am honored to have you participating in this Forum. Please keep participating. Best regards.

Super User Answered on September 5, 2018.
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Of course! The least I can contribute is an idea that could help someone in the neighborhood. Thank you!


Regular User Answered on September 5, 2018.
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