Why is there a growing number of US States legalizing the use of Marijuana knowing that Marijuana is a known “Gateway” drug for the use of hardcore drugs?

States like Colorado, California and other States are legalizing the use of Marijuana perfectly knowing that Marijuana is the “gateway” drug towards harder drugs like methamphetamine, heroine, cocaine, crack, pain pills, etc. So on one side States and Government officials are claiming to fight drug abuse, and on the other side, the same States and Government officials are promoting drug use. What the hell is going on? Why this double standard? Is it for tax money? Is it for the votes? Please explain.

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I wasn’t so much surprised when I first heard Uruguay had legalize Marijuana, and when it came to the US, seeing that now over 10 states have either fully legalized or on the journey towards legalizing pot commercialization, public buying, selling and using despite being illegal under federal law for all states, well, it’s something that can be expect in a world that is governed under the rule of Money and Majority influence. With these two in hand, technically every law can be legally changed to whatever the system deems it to be so. I know this does not answer your question, or your worry, as most are already worried how and where they’ll best raise children who’ll be safe and better in the coming generations, but it is simply how the world today is and this can offer you a picture of where we are heading. But so you can understand why this was actually a very easy decision to the policy makers, please look at this: (These were some of the reasons on passing this outrageous policy):

  1. If cigarette and tobacco, a slow poison, is legal around the world then why not cannabis that provides so many benefits to people. This is not only in improving the health but also the economy of the country. Besides a lot of health benefits, cannabis consumption reduces crime. (I have no evidence of this crime reduction but heard the statement from one of the Cannabis Crisis advocates!).
  2. On the other hand, if the country law allows coffee consumption then why not cannabis. Coffee contains caffeine, world’s second most popular psychoactive substance after sugar. Consuming caffeine makes one addicted to its use whereas cannabis although containing THC, a psychoactive compound, is far much better than coffee as it is found to be one of the sources of medicine because of the presence of hundred of cannabinoid and terpenes that are non-toxic and medically active and does not lead to its addiction. (Really??? does not lead to addiction?).
  3. Cannabis also plays important role in making money and results in growth of the country at economic level as well. I think this was the main drive that brought about commercialization of Marijuana. There are literally billions of cash flowing through Marijuana enterprises around the country, and given the current economic status of the state, everything should be done to maximize the state revenue. Powerful men and women behind these enterprises also have a great influence in making policies in this nation, remember.

I don’t know for sure the science behind the drug or any facts these people have put across, but I know for sure two things: Marijuana is addictive and extremely dangerous to the normal functioning of the brain. Fifteen years ago, I had a friend, Gilbert, he was young, energetic and hardworking. His family had a number of huge challenges that led to their passing away. Gilbert ended up on street, where he earned a living by collecting scraps and selling them to vendors for money. After about 6 months he found another gang on the street which introduced him to Marijuana, and when he used it for 3 days, I don’t know exactly happened or whether he wasn’t on the right diet, or used too much or simply had a weaker less tolerant brain but he ran mad never got back to his senses, to this day. He eats at the dust bins, and lives a very agonizing life style. So I really don’t understand someone who rationalizes the use of Marijuana by comparing it to coffee, really?? Very sad. Where are we heading?

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What??? Sorry i dont watch news very often, do you mean to say Marijuana is now legal in the states? I can’t believe this? This is not possible.

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AshlinDyn, this has been happening for quite sometime, I just assumed everyone knew what was happening. There’s actually a lot of heat and debate on these polices. On federal level, Marijuana is still classified as in illegal drug, but In June, members of Congress introduced the bipartisan Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) Act, intended to protect states’ rights to determine their own marijuana laws without federal interference. And from that, states have began to legalize the drug, with a very rampant victory that now stands at 10 states openly allowing usage of the drug with a few limitations and about 23 more that allow its usage for medical purposes.

States that have legalized the use of weed for recreational purposes!


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana
  • legal to grow up to six marijuana plants per household


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce
  • legal to grow up to six plants per household


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana
  • legal to grow up to six plants per household

District of Columbia

  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to two ounces
  • legal to grow up to six plants per household


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to 2.5 ounces
  • legal to grow up to three flowering plants per household


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce
  • legal to grow up to six plants per household


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to 2.5 ounces
  • legal to grow up to 12 plants per household


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce
  • legal to grow up to six plants per household


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce on their person and up to eight ounces at home
  • legal to grow up to four plants per person


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce
  • legal to grow up to six plants per household


  • legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce
  • illegal to grow plants

States that have legalized Marijuana for Medical Purposes

In addition to the 10 states plus D.C. with legalized recreational weed—and thus are on board with medical marijuana—these 23 states have legalized just medical marijuana:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • West Virginia

There you go, soon enough, it’ll be legalized, everywhere!

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I don’t get it, what’s wrong with Marijuana in the first place?? Do you mean to say that over 33 states with millions of people and professionals do not know what they are doing? I don’t understand people, I mean, Marijuana has been unjustifiably labelled a dangerous drug for so many years, chaining away so many harmless benefits we can reap from it. And how you talk about it , how dangerous it can be to children as if the people in 33 states don’t have children. Please base your arguments upon facts rather than pre-conceived ideologies that will keep this nation sunk if we do not change our thinking! Marijuana is harmless, helpful both Medically and for Leisure, its 100% a natural herb for God’s sake! Why keep people in the dark?

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Oh! there he is, one of the bold ones. Okay, let me summarize your argument Curiousj797:

Marijuana is good and safe because:

  1. Many people have voted in states to use it: Question – does it make it right because the Majority have chosen to legalize it? Actually its the minority. Of all states, only 10 have legalized it, but even if the majority do legalize it, it doesn’t make it noble or safe. Nevada Licenses brothels to carry on prostitution legally and the state benefits by gaining revenue, because the Majority in this policy won the case, does not mean that it is an acceptable way of life for Americans and definitely does not make it a descent way to raise a responsible people. I personally don’t think abortion is a humane act, but its 100% legal in the states. Manufacture, selling and usage of tobacco, Cigarettes, are legal, that doesn’t mean there are benefits attached to the usage there of! Majority does not make the case, what matters is whether or not the policy is beneficial to human life or not. And I’m betting Marijuana usage as a smoking weed bears no benefit to life at all.
  2. It’s natural (100% natural herb): This is not a point. How many natural herbs are poisonous to human life, or toxic. From the garden 100% a herb, use it and die in the next few minutes. Being 100% natural doesn’t obviously guarantee its safety. Just do a google such on toxic natural herbs, and you’ll have your answer.
  3. Medically helpful: The 10 states have not bench-marked their reasoning on its medical usage. It’s open season, buy and use. No prescription!
  4. Recreational (leisure) helpful: I highly doubt Marijuana is recreational. When you smoke Marijuana, (take it from a man with experience) get prepared for all kinds of lung cancers, getting high and getting severally addicted in a way that will open up doors for you to use even more dangerous staff like Heroin and the like.

I’m still searching for a point in your argument, sorry, can’t find one. I am someone who’s suffered and lost everything due to drugs, I am on my way towards recovery, and I feel so sorry seeing inexperienced people like you who don’t know what lies ahead of poor choices,  fighting for what they don’t know. It’s absurd!

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Wik Heerma publishes facts on the trumpet, while trying to expound on how exactly Marijuana is harmful, and explains the myths behind what people think about the drug. It’s better like Carter said, to make arguments and ultimately state-wide policies after considering the dangers involved and any possible future outcomes that will come down to haunt us all again. I hope that won’t be too late for us to get back to being a great nation again.

  • Many people claim that cannabis is a comparatively benign natural herb—less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Yet it contains many of the same cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco. The amount of tar and carbon-monoxide inhaled by those who smoke marijuana is three to five times greater than among tobacco smokers, regardless of THC content. And unlike alcohol, where the ethanol is eliminated within a few hours, marijuana residues can stay in the body for weeks.
  • Marijuana use can also seriously damage respiratory and cardiovascular health, causing chronic coughing, wheezing and bronchitis. Smoking a relatively small amount of marijuana has a similar impact to smoking five to seven times that amount in cigarettes, one after another.
  • And there is no denying that cannabis affects the mind—that is its purpose. This has been directly linked to health, safety, social, behavioral and academic problems. The drug can affect concentration, attention and learning for up to 24 hours. A University of Iowa study showed that people who used marijuana frequently exhibited deficits in mathematical skills and verbal expression. They also showed impairments in memory-retrieval and mental aptitudes. Animals given marijuana in scientific studies have suffered structural damage to the brain.
  • Like other hallucinogens, cannabis disrupts the flow of chemical neurotransmitters. Its use can lead to increased anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other mental health issues. One study showed that children ages 12 to 17 who smoke marijuana weekly are three times more likely to have suicidal thoughts than non-users. Recent research showed how the risk of major depression quadruples through cannabis use. Swedish scientists have also found a link between marijuana use and an increased risk of developing schizophrenia.
  • Long term, the cannabis user risks triple the likelihood of illicit drug abuse or dependence, poor job and academic performance, cognitive deficits, lung damage, lesions to the brain and other brain abnormalities similar to those caused by long-term abuse of other major drugs.
  • Many people believe cannabis use is not addictive. But use can lead to dependency, and heavy users have shown withdrawal symptoms that include increased aggression, irritability, anxiety and insomnia.
  • Marijuana use can deform the structure of sperm cells and cause temporary sterility in men. It can upset a woman’s menstrual cycle and is one of the few drugs that create abnormal cell division resulting in severe hereditary defects. It also drastically affects the immune system, reducing resistance to common illnesses.
  • Marijuana use also loosens inhibitions—since the user loses control of his mind—which, among other things, leads to more risky sexual behavior. This indirect consequence causes myriad problems for individuals and society. Research shows that the younger a person is when he begins using cannabis, the more likely he or she will suffer these long-term consequences.

So, why exactly are we letting our leaders impose this drug upon us? Don’t we really have a say?

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Legalizing Marijuana in these states is simply a fruit of the government’s complete and utter failure to control drug abuse in the US. Their efforts have failed, and now the only resort is to publicly surrender, allowing Marijuana to be used in day light. Marijuana has been a huge problem carried out in dark corners, and in hiding, imagine what’ll happen now. If this doesn’t touch your heart and enshroud you with dismay, then I wonder the kind of people we are becoming.

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I LOVE it !!!! Curiousj797, I totally respect your point of view but the point is that everybody knows that people use Marijuana to get “high” and if abused is VERY harmful. The fact is that States and Governing bodies are allowing the free use of Marijuana is for 2 things: 1) Tax revenues and 2) Votes. That’s it ! And guess what ? All that at the expense of people’s health and lives, like usual ! Just look at the increase in the number of car accident deaths due to Marijuana use in Colorado, it is increasing exponentially. Astonishing ! Marijuana is a Controlled Substance (Cat 1) under Federal law, and I – like most reasonable people in our country – think Marijuana should be used accordingly. Marijuana should only be used for medical reasons and dispensed by specialized clinics with doctors, nurses and counselors.

What’s next, are we going to legalize the use of methamphetamine, crack, heroine, cocaine, … ?

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And by the way, 100% of the people I know who smoke Marijuana is for one reason only: it is to get “high”…

Super User Answered on November 24, 2018.
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100% agree with Olivier. There’s no actual benefit upon which legislators based their decision to pass this law. It’s politics and revenue, which is so absurd! I thought people’s safety was to take the top priority?

Regular User Answered on November 27, 2018.
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