Why are most people uncomfortable about Sharing or listening to advice against their dangerous habits?

I have several friends at work, most of whom are really turning to alcoholics. They drink too much, beyond a standard measure, I’d say. This has started to affect their work schedules and relationships, from my point of view, and as smart as they are – I’m sure they can see it too. However, (not particularly about them) but in general sense, why is it that most people can not stand being told that they are doing something wrong, especially when they know they are doing something wrong? How best can one approach a friend on a dangerous usage habbit on drugs (that may be legal but turning into over dependence, then over dosage which may result into serious addiction issues), or alcohol consumption that is just beyond normal average without creating an awkward feeling between the two of us? Thanks for your advice!

Regular User Asked on December 6, 2018 in Alcohol.
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Gerald, I guess love or care should take us out of our comfort zones. Talking to a friend about a dangerous habbit they enjoy doing is most likely a deal breaker, or even risky for friendship, but if you truly care about someone, and if your friendship is maintained under certain ethical boundaries, then most likely if you dont get them help, they get worse in the end and that alone could still separate you. So, I think there’s no easy way, each of us knows their friend’s personality better than anyone, so I think you can approach them with an attitude to help, and not to judge. I hope this can work for you. Thanks.

Regular User Answered on December 6, 2018.
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100% agreed. To help a friend, sometimes you need to be aggressive, and if you love them enough, you have to risk your friendship for their well being, which is more important.

Regular User Answered on December 8, 2018.
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